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Thread: Ban Monsanto's Super Poison

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    Default Ban Monsanto's Super Poison

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    Monsanto is launching a super poison that kills plants in its path -- except for Monsanto GMOs. It even flies through the air onto neighbouring land!

    But in days we can shut it down.

    After a massive outcry from 1,000 affected farmers, a key US state could now ban this poison. This will set a precedent to influence regulation around the world.

    Monsanto is mounting an intense pressure campaign, and hoping to keep it to a local fight. But if one million of us sign this petition now, we’ll submit it to the official process and show that the whole world wants this toxic chemical out of our fields and off our food! Add your name!

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    Default Re: Ban Monsanto's Super Poison

    Happy to add my name to the other 1.2 million people who signed this petition. This madness has to stop!

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    Default Re: Ban Monsanto's Super Poison

    Done! Hope this succeeds. I've posted here at least once about dicamba, but news items on its devastating effect on non-target crops (including the environment-at-large!) appear in my inbox daily.
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