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Thread: Sorry I've been absent

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    Default Sorry I've been absent

    I've really gotten behind. My Yahoo email account was corrupted and I was forced to open a new personal email. Members can still reach me at

    It has taken virtually all day to set up a simple gmail account. Not so simple any more! And other events have gone sideways as well... is Mercury in retrograde or something? I'm up to my eyeballs in trouble, some of which requires a front-end loader and people with plumbing skillz. 'Nuff said!

    BTW, you all know that Maurya lives in the U.S. Virgin Islands, right? This is why none of her friends has heard from her since the day before Maria struck the islands. We are all hoping she survived unhurt and is simply unable to get propane to fuel her generator until power is restored. Might not hurt to remember her in your prayers.

    Gotta sign off now and hope to be back as my usual happy-go-lucky self tomorrow!
    ➤ Happiness is the frosting on the cake of contentment.

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    Default Re: Sorry I've been absent

    Ooh, that other, non-computer trouble sounds like deep...trouble. You have my empathy, and I hope you can get it resolved soon, well, and inexpensively!

    Thanks for the heads-up about Maurya. Will do.

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    Default Re: Sorry I've been absent

    I have thought of Maurya often, and hope she is OK. Sending positive thoughts her way.

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    Default Re: Sorry I've been absent

    Quote Originally Posted by Julieanne View Post
    I have thought of Maurya often, and hope she is OK. Sending positive thoughts her way.
    Ditto. We never forget. Come back, Maurya we miss you!

    And lest we get too sentimental, dirt:

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    Default Re: Sorry I've been absent

    @Islander: Ouch!! Feel your pain. I recently shelled out more than $10,000 to have a wet basement repaired. However, we are the lucky ones compared to what our sisters and brothers have experienced in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Yes, I pray and think of Maurya often.....can't wait until she returns to us!!!

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    Default Re: Sorry I've been absent

    Since the onset of Hurricane Maria, I had posted twice, (on two separate occasions), on the Mercola forum about Maurya's storm dilemna, in order for fellow Mercola forum member friends to know what was going on:

    This Mercola Natural Disaster article today, is a good opportunity to repeat my UNRELATED MATTER post from last Thursday, 9/21/17: UNRELATED MATTER: Our thoughts and prayers to longtime Mercola veteran forum member, "Maurya", who lives in the Caribbean U.S. Virgin Island of Saint Croix with her husband, and who had been dodging Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, but now has been caught up in the midst of Hurricane Maria. All the best to her, family, and all her neighbors: Especially subtitle, "DESTRUCTIVE PATH" mercola article forum link
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