To all: The site's message system is a handy tool for communicating quickly with other members... when it's maintained.

I just realized that my message box is full. Anyone attempting to communicate with me through our messaging system probably got a failure notice simply because there was no more room in the inbox. That has been corrected. I just went through and deleted a lot of hairy old messages that never needed to be stored in the first place.

How to check your messages: click Notifications. Scroll to the bottom of the window. There you will see horizontal color bars that show at a glance the status of your message box. If it is close to full, please review the contents and delete what's no longer needed. You can do this for both received and sent mail. Ask for for detailed instructions if the method of deleting isn't obvious. Do this periodically.

Please reserve the use of our message system for anything site-related. Those of you who have my old email address are welcome to contact me for a conversation, though I can make no promises about the promptness of my reply, since that inbox tends to fill quickly as well.

Yahoo's 2013 data breach affected millions and finally reached my own email account, which is now locked up and had to be abandoned. However, I can be reached through HH's email account: If you send me a brief message there, I'll reply with my new personal email addy. Again, I'd like to keep our message system and HH email account primarily for site-related business.

Thanks, everyone, for your patience and cooperation!