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Thread: Your patience is requested

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    I've been in touch with Andrew, our Dublin angel, who has been deathly sick with flu and is still recovering, but slowly. Few people are as conversant as he with the vB platform; he's the one who bailed us out in the past when we were attacked by spammers and hackers, as some of you legacy members may recall. Anyway, he'll be here behind the scenes as soon as he is up to it, and no one can ask more. Meanwhile, I have a long list of stories to post and they aren't getting any younger (and neither am I). I think I shall just start posting links... or sentences with links included, as long as they don't require tapping the Enter/Return key. Comments will work on the same principle. Please be patient; we'll soon be up and running again, I guarantee!
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    Great news! Thank you, Dublin angel Andrew. Get well soon! And thank you, too, Islander.

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