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Thread: Could This Bacteria Breakthrough Block Zika And Deng Transmission?

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    Default Could This Bacteria Breakthrough Block Zika And Deng Transmission?

    • Steve Williams
    • January 30, 2018

    Scientists from Scotland have discovered that bacteria may be used to block certain mosquito-transmitted viruses, including highly infectious and potentially deadly Zika and dengue.
    Previous research has suggested that if mosquitoes carry a strain of Wolbachia bacteria, they are less able to transmit viruses like Zika and dengue, but scientists have struggled to produce an effective intervention — until now.

    Engineering a solution with bacteria is tricky for several reasons. In the lab, conditions are easy to control, but a number of variables complicate things in the real world. For example, tropical temperatures can inhibit or kill many strains of non-native bacteria, making it more difficult to deploy Wolbachia strains to fight Zika and other mosquito-carried infections.
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    Default Re: Could This Bacteria Breakthrough Block Zika And Deng Transmission?

    What is probably equally concerning is that melting permafrost in the Arctic and Siberia is now exposing human and animal remains that contain infectious diseases that have not been exposed to life-promoting conditions for hundreds of thousands, even millions of years. We have no immunity against bacteria and viruses like the bubonic plague and the 1918 flu, all of which are contained in these remains.
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