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Thread: Antidepressants Do Work, A Major Study Confirms

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    Default Antidepressants Do Work, A Major Study Confirms

    • Steve Williams
    • February 26, 2018

    A major new review of clinical studies confirms that antidepressants are more effective than placebos, illustrating that medication is one of a set of useful intervention tools for mental illness.
    The research, which is published this month in the Lancet, looked at 522 clinical trials involving more than 116,000 people, and additional information from unpublished data. This data tracked the use of 21 most commonly prescribed antidepressants among adult patients who had been diagnosed with major depressive disorder. The researchers were looking for signs of mood improvement in the population samples and how that compared to the control placebo group.

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    Default Re: Antidepressants Do Work, A Major Study Confirms

    "...some classes of antidepressants...may make their symptoms worse, including introducing new problems like anger control issues and, even, suicidal ideation." All meds have side effects. I was once prescribed Wellbutrin; not only was it not working well, the side effects were intolerable. I trashed it and recovered my normal state of mind in my own good time. But an additional charge: evidence is emerging that some of the mass shooters in school killings were on psychoactive drugs. This is deeply disturbing. I have a video on this topic, or affiliated with this topic, that I hope to post before the day is over.

    Another concern is that Prozac is one of the chemicals most frequently found in urban wastewater treatment plants. At this level of contamination, prescription drugs and similar chemicals are not able to be removed from drinking water.
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