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Thread: Tell Congress: Low Income Families Need Better Nutrition, Not Trump's Boxes

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    Default Tell Congress: Low Income Families Need Better Nutrition, Not Trump's Boxes

    Organic Consumers Association
    February 28 2018

    President Trump's penchant for junk food--McDonald's filet 'o fish sandwiches, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Oreos, pizza, Diet Coke--have been widely reported.

    Trump has the right to eat what he chooses (though it's unfortunate that his food choices support an industrial agriculture system that pollutes the environment and contributes to a growing public health crisis).

    But should Trump's U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) be allowed to force boxes of factory farm, GMO junk food on low-income families? We don't think so.

    TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress: Low-Income Families Need Better Nutrition, Not Trump's Boxes of Processed GMO Junk Food

    Organic Consumers Association
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