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Thread: Spring GMO Seed Crackdown in China

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    Default Spring GMO Seed Crackdown in China

    Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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    With spring planting approaching, Chinese provinces are cracking down on illegal trading, testing, and planting of genetically modified seeds.
    A March notice issued by Heilongjiang authorities warned farmers not to buy illegal GMO seeds sold as "pest-resistant or weed-resistant," offered free testing for seeds they already have, and urged farmers to report any merchants selling illegal GMO seeds.
    On March 29, Heilongjiang Province officials promised to go to fields with rapid-testing kits to check for genetically modified corn and soybeans.
    On April 9, Shandong, another of the biggest agricultural provinces, announced its campaign to crack down on organizations doing research on GMO crops, trials, production, marketing, processing, and imports of genetically modified material.

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    Default Re: Spring GMO Seed Crackdown in China

    China doesn't exactly have a spotless reputation for clean food, so their attitude towards GMO seeds always surprises me.

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