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Thread: The Myth of Diagnosis

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    Default The Myth of Diagnosis

    Mark Hyman, MD
    May 4, 2018

    Today I want to revisit a topic that is still very relevant. I believe that we put too much emphasis on naming diseases. Sure, the names we give disease are useful for finding the right medication, but they are not helpful for truly getting to the root cause or creating a healing response. As my team and I were preparing to make the Broken Brain Docuseries, we revisited one of my first books, The UltraMind Solution, and I found the passage below. So much of this still applies to current thinking, and I am hopeful that Functional Medicine, which I believe to be the future of medicine, will guide healthcare providers away from naming and blaming and toward discovering and treating the root cause of disease.

    MYTH: If You Know the Name of Your Disease, You Know What’s Wrong With You

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    Default Re: The Myth of Diagnosis

    "The future of medicine is personalized treatment, not “one-size-fits-all.”.....................Unfortunately, few in the medical industry today seem to understand this."

    I had a conversation with a doctor some years ago - a good doctor, one I liked, who gave his patients plenty of time. I asked why doctors were not more concerned with causes. He replied that he didn't think that was their role, which was at least an honest answer. It's certainly not part of their training now, but that needs to change.

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