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Thread: It's Time to Fire Scott Pruitt

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    Default It's Time to Fire Scott Pruitt

    Rhea Suh
    March 29, 2018

    The EPA administrator is a threat to the environment and our health.

    What’s in a silver dollar? Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb? What’s the purpose of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency?
    Some questions answer themselves, but EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt gets the easiest one completely wrong. He’s made it his job to protect polluters and put the environment at risk.
    It’s not the agency’s mission that needs changing?it’s the administrator. Scott Pruitt’s got to go.
    That’s not a position NRDC takes lightly. We’ve disagreed with EPA administrators before. Pruitt, though, is intent on making the agency fail. That’s why we’ve joined with other environmental advocacy groups to call on President Trump to replace Pruitt with someone who’ll protect the people, not the polluters.

    Read more, take action (scroll to the bottom):

    Try this — you may not be able to load it if you're not on Facebook, but it details the history and harmful effects of chlorpyrifos:
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    Default Re: It's Time to Fire Scott Pruitt

    My wife was a career EPA person for 40 years, and yet I think we both agree that I'm much more of a hardcore environmentalist than she is. I go around turning lights off that others leave on as a force of habit and other shit like that. There have been very few leaders at the agency that represent those of us little guys since they can only get that position by, well, positioning and accepting funding that compromises the basic premise. Same with the presidency.

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