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Thread: 7 Gluten Myths You Should Stop Believing

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    Default 7 Gluten Myths You Should Stop Believing

    Bryan Syuki
    May 25 2018

    Did you know that most of the information out there about gluten is not backed by science? Most of the studies available have been conducted on people with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes serious symptoms when sufferers eat gluten. Celiac disease only affects about one percent of the US population, but itís worth noting that some people are sensitive to gluten even though they donít have celiac disease. People with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity should eliminate gluten from their diets.

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    Default Re: 7 Gluten Myths You Should Stop Believing

    "Now that you know these gluten myths, will you eliminate it from your diet or continue eating it?"
    I eliminated it when I was diagnosed with diabetes. Actually an adrenal fatigue test noted a gluten sensitivity although that was not requested. I didn't notice any specific health improvement, but simply avoiding grains in any form has enabled me to reverse my diabetes without medication. Knowing what I do about the processing of wheat and the production of bread flour, I'd avoid it even if I weren't diabetic.

    Of course we know that commercial gluten-free products add fats and sugars to make the items more palatable. Don't go there. Aside from a few brands of gluten-free crackers, those processed foods are a huge rip-off.
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    Default Re: 7 Gluten Myths You Should Stop Believing

    As one of those people who actually does have celiac disease, I question the figure of one percent of the population. Although I do try to keep this factoid about myself on the down low, for obvious reasons, it occasionally does come up in conversation, and just in my circle of acquaintances there are many more than one percent who have this condition as well. This claim of rarity smells to me very much like the usual allopathic "we don't have a clue what causes your malady, so we just will disavow that it even exists. More than likely you just are crazy, my dear." Patooie I say!

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