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Thread: US Woman's Breast Cancer Wiped Out In Test Treatment

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    Default US Woman's Breast Cancer Wiped Out In Test Treatment

    Sophie Scott
    June 5 2018

    A US woman with advanced breast cancer is healthy again after taking part in an experimental treatment, using her body's own immune system to wipe out the tumours.

    Key points:

    Woman with advanced breast cancer now healthy after experimental treatment

    • "I feel miraculous," the Florida woman told media
    • The research was published in Nature Medicine

    Judy Perkins, from Florida, had advanced breast cancer which had stopped responding to chemotherapy and other treatments.
    "It feels miraculous and I am beyond amazed that I have now been free of cancer for two years," she told the media
    How they did it

    Researchers took a small sample of Ms Perkins' tumour and studied the DNA mutations in it.
    Then they extracted immune cells from the tumour and grew billions of them, finding those which would be the most effective to kill her cancer.

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    Default Re: US Woman's Breast Cancer Wiped Out In Test Treatment

    If this experiment can be replicated, it represents a whole new and very hopeful treatment for at least one kind of cancer.
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