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Thread: Texas School Beats ADHD by Tripling Recess Time

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    Default Texas School Beats ADHD by Tripling Recess Time

    Sara Burrows
    NOVEMBER 21, 2017

    While most school districts across the country are cutting back on recess time and ramping up the Ritalin, one Texas school has kindergartners and first graders sitting still and “incredibly attentive.”
    What’s their secret? Their recess time has tripled.
    Instead of 20 minutes of recess per day, Eagle Mountain Elementary kindergartners and first graders now get an hour, broken up into four 15-minute breaks, in addition to lunchtime.
    Their teachers say it’s totally transformed them. The kids are less fidgety, less distracted, more engaged in learning and make more eye contact.

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    Default Re: Texas School Beats ADHD by Tripling Recess Time

    Duh! Have any of these lunatics who expect little kids to sit still all day ever experienced childhood themselves?

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    Default Re: Texas School Beats ADHD by Tripling Recess Time

    Win-win for all!! Kids get to stretch, run...developing their bones and building lung capacity, etc., and the teachers get a break from disciplining kids who just have too much pent up energy. Hopefully, school districts nationwide will duplicate Eagle Mountain Elementary's example and let kids be kids.

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