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Thread: Zika-Busting Aussie Plant Kills Dengue Too

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    Default Zika-Busting Aussie Plant Kills Dengue Too

    Tracey Ferrier, Australian Associated Press
    July 27, 2018

    A mystery plant that can kill the Zika virus also kills all four strains of the virus that causes dengue fever, Queensland researchers have found.

    Researchers won't yet name the native Australian plant - dubbing it "species 8473" - but hope it will be a game-changer in the fight against the diseases the mosquito-borne viruses cause.

    "We know the plant extract kills dengue and the next step is to identify what the effective compound in that extract actually is," QUT researcher Dr Trudi Collet said in a statement on Friday.

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    Default Re: Zika-Busting Aussie Plant Kills Dengue Too

    I would love to have an herbal remedy for Dengue. Around here we are told that there are five variants and that having had one version gives a person no immunity from any of the others.

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