Katherine Carroll, NTP
February 9th, 2016

The potential of increasing humanization of animals with emergent human mental and psychological capacities is the risk no one is sure of

The European Union has highlighted the lack of organs for transplant and the increasing number of patients on waiting lists worldwide. While the United States operates with an opt-in system for organ donation, Spain, the undisputed World’s transplant leader, has an opt-out system as does Belgium, which France also adopted in 2017. The Netherlands passed a law February 2018, with two years to implement, that makes all adults organ donors by default, unless they specifically opt out. China handles organ shortages differently; the Chinese government has been exposed in forced organ harvesting of living prisoners. Organs are Big Money. Science and market-greed progress while ethics lag, the victim of a myriad of undecided questions. Shoot first; ask questions later about actions that play Russian roulette with our lives as we have known them.

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