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Thread: Organic Dairy Scorecard

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    Default Organic Dairy Scorecard

    Cornucopia Institute
    Undated, but released on August 14, 2018

    If you purchase Certified Organic milk you will want to utilize 'Cornucopia Institute's' new and expanded 'Organic Dairy Scorecard' which ranks suppliers of organic milk, distinguishing high-quality organic producers from the fake corporate CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations).
    This Scorecard has become an essential tool because rogue agency USDA continues to violate Federal law and illegally refuses to enforce strict organic requirements on fraudulent mega corporate CAFOs.
    Notice that two Maine dairies qualify for top ratings. In the cellar with failing zero or 'One-Cow' rankings are the mega retailer house-brands supplied by fraudulent corporate CAFOs. This bogus-group-to-avoid includes 'Horizon,' 'Great Value Food (Walmart),' and 'Nature's Place' (Hannaford)."

    See the ratings:
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    Default Re: Organic Dairy Scorecard

    This is a great tool. I became familiar with it over a year ago, but it has been expanded and greatly improved since then. Thanks for posting.

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