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Thread: Does Exposure to Germs Prevent Cancer?

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    Default Does Exposure to Germs Prevent Cancer?

    Jon Barron

    Over the years, we have explored several times why our obsession with cleanliness only makes us more vulnerable to infectious disease. And today, we're going to learn about new research that indicates it may also make the youngest and most innocent among us more vulnerable to cancer as well. And the problem is only getting worse.
    Although, childhood cancers are "statistically" rare--representing between 0.5% and 4.6%--that still works out to 15,700 kids (ages 0-19) who get cancer each year in the US.1 Worldwide, the numbers range from 50-200 million new cases each year for children. Across all ages of children and across all ethnic and socio-economic groups, cancer is the number one cause of death by disease in children.

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    Default Re: Does Exposure to Germs Prevent Cancer?

    I'm sure more exposure to germs would strengthen our children's immune systems. But, here is what's really killing our kids:
    a. glyphosate in their breakfast cereals, bread, and other food;
    b. lead, and other heavy metals, and drugs in their drinking water (ask the poor sick children in Flint, Michigan);
    c. chemical preservatives used to prepare most of the "fast foods" they consume on a daily, basis, and;
    d. persistent and lingering toxins and pollutions in the air they breathe every single day of their young lives.
    That's what's causing cancer in our children today. It's about much more than the lack of germ exposure. If we fix the problems cited above, I predict the cancer rate for our kids would diminish...greatly!!

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    Default Re: Does Exposure to Germs Prevent Cancer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Wizard View Post
    here is what's really killing our kids ;-)
    e. Nagging moms! (and or dads)

    Many people don't realize that there's a push-pull-resist impulse that greatly influences who you become and what you do. I witnessed this with my sister's kids:

    The oldest (boy) would repeatedly be forced to sit at the table "you can't get up until you finish your food" so he grew up to be skinny and as it turns out (no connection I don't think) gay, but we don't care at all he's a great guy and supremely intelligent, funny and artistic.

    The little sister, looking for approval would chime in "look mommy I finished all of mine!" so she grew and grew now obese probably over 300 lbs. Is it her own fault, or would it happen no matter what my sister did back then? Who knows...

    Be careful what you teach, it may not turn out how you had intended. That's why I've always been a hands-off dad: "I'll be there if you need me otherwise you're on your own. I'll be glad to help you when you're ready but I can't do everything for you forever."

    Oh, and to keep on topic my sister is obsessed with cleanliness, won't visit us because there's dog hair (and germs) evrywhere, but her kids love visiting us to play with our chickens and dogs and run in the woods generally get dirty. Go figure.
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