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Thread: Mushrooms Could Help Prevent Diabetes

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    Default Mushrooms Could Help Prevent Diabetes

    Bryan Hubbard
    August 23 2018

    Eat more white button mushrooms: they're a powerful prebiotic that change the gut and could even reduce the risk of diabetes by helping our body control the glucose from our diets. One serving—around 3 ounces—every day could be all it takes to kick-start the positive chain reaction in the gut, say researchers at the Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.

    The mushrooms help populate the gut with more short-chain fatty acids—succinate and propionate—that manage glucose production, which could have positive knock-on effects for the prevention of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

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    Default Re: Mushrooms Could Help Prevent Diabetes

    Very informative. Never thought of mushrooms as a pre-biotic. This could prove to be a very simple way to help prevent diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Studies like this one reminds me that the good earth has given us everything we need to stay healthy. Food really is our magic bullet, if only we can stop bastardizing the food supply.

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    Default Re: Mushrooms Could Help Prevent Diabetes

    Prebiotics vs. Probiotics: (I had to look it up)
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