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Thread: Why did Carter and McCain have such different brain tumor results?

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    Default Why did Carter and McCain have such different brain tumor results?

    Paul Sisson
    August 26, 2018

    In recent years deadly brain tumors have challenged both Jimmy Carter and John McCain, but the two political icons have had vastly different treatment results.
    The Arizona senator died Saturday after a year in treatment while the former president was declared cancer-free just four months after he started therapy in 2015.
    How could these two men with household names have such opposite outcomes?

    The answer, said Dr. Ezra Cohen, associate director of Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego, has to do with the specific physical and genetic characteristics involved.

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    Default Re: Why did Carter and McCain have such different brain tumor results?

    They had different treatment results because they had 2 different types of cancers, GBM vs. Melanoma. McCain's tumors started in his brain, while Jimmy Carter's metastasized from another part of his body to his brain and liver. Very different cancers, with very different treatment modalities.

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