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Thread: MIT’s depression-detecting AI might be its scariest creation yet

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    Default MIT’s depression-detecting AI might be its scariest creation yet

    Sept. 5, 2018

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently developed a neural network that predicts, with a relatively high level of accuracy, the likelihood a person has a cognitive impairment. If you don’t mind speaking loosely, you could call it a depression detector.It’s not, but we’ll get into that later.
    The team, consisting of MIT researchers Tuka Alhanai, Mohammad Ghassemi, and James Glass are presenting their work this week at the Interspeech 2018 conference in India.
    According to their paper, they’ve developed a context-free method by which a machine can break down text or audio from a human and assign a score indicating the person’s level of depression. The thing to key in on is the “context-free” aspect of this AI.

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    Default Re: MIT’s depression-detecting AI might be its scariest creation yet

    This is scary stuff. Surely it would have to jump through a lot of hoops to be used legally?

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    Default Re: MIT’s depression-detecting AI might be its scariest creation yet

    This type of AI will prove harmful in so many ways. Even expert therapists require days, months even, to detect, predict depression. But, now we can trust such a determination to a machine that simply uses "speech patterns." What happens if a person is just having a bad day....her dog died, or whatever. Then, there's this machine picking up her low mood, her sadness in her voice patterns. Is this person predicted to be depressed or just having a bad day. A therapist, a human could probably decipher this in minutes. A machine...not so much.

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