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Thread: The Hidden Link Between Farm Antibiotics And Human Illness

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    Default The Hidden Link Between Farm Antibiotics And Human Illness

    Maryn McKenna
    August 7 2018

    For almost seven decades, we've routinely fed antibiotics to the animals we eat. That's just a few years less than we've taken antibiotics ourselves. And for just about as long, itís been clear that those antibiotic doses have been creating drug-resistant bacteria that pass from meat animals to make humans sick.
    The first outbreaks of drug-resistant foodborne illness were spotted as early as the mid 1950s, when an epidemic of resistant salmonella swept through southeastern England. That was the first of waves of outbreaks that occurred over decades, some small and some very large and widespread.

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    Default Re: The Hidden Link Between Farm Antibiotics And Human Illness

    This is one example in which the cases are so self-evident that no further attempt at documented proof is required. I think every conscious consumer, and every concerned scientist, would agree that antibiotic resistance originates in the overuse of drugs in CAFOs. The study in this article, however, furnishes the proof that the industry has been claiming to look for for so long. Now they are talking about tracing products back to the source. That's pointless since all CAFO growers are using an array of anabiotics. Clearly the solution is to ban antibiotics in food production, period. Family farms do, I do it. Clean healthful conditions make it entirely possible.
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