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Thread: Does eating less actually make you store more fat?

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    Default Does eating less actually make you store more fat?

    It seems like whenever I want to eat, my weight is less in the morning time. But in opposite scene, when eating hardly nothing, weighing more. Is it fact or just my imagination?
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    Default Re: Does eating less actually make you store more fat?

    Exercise, especially prolonged, intense exercise, produces HGH. No need to supplement with it. Just exercise more. Also, exercise keeps the metabolism activated, especially aerobic exercise, like walking, biking, jogging, swimming, etc. Aerobic exercise burns fat efficiently. Don't need HGH to burn fat.

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    Default Re: Does eating less actually make you store more fat?

    RalphMcDonald, there are so many factors to weight loss or gain that it's difficult to identify any single one in an online forum. Here are a few thoughts to consider:

    Calories do count, but it's not necessarily a matter of calories in/calories out. Starchy carbs (wheat, corn, rice, potatoes, winter squash, beets, cassava) are going to pack on pounds because the starch turns to sugar as soon as it contacts saliva. Eliminate or severely limit these in favor of non-starchy carbs (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, string beans, cabbage, cauliflower, greens, summer squashes, apples, pears, berries, etc.)

    Genetically modified foods (GMOs) come with toxins that may influence weight. Avoid these when possible; choose organic alternatives or grow your own. Although they are not genetically modified, wheat, corn and oats that aren't labeled organic likely contain glyphosate, which is sprayed pre-harvest to facilitate harvest.

    Avoid processed foods, including almost anything in cans, bags, bottles, jars or boxes or anything containing ingredients your grandparents wouldn't recognize. Look for the Organic or Non-GMO seal. Keep in mind that canola oil is 98% GMO. Making salad dressings yourself is easy-peasy, and the internet is full of recipes.

    Choose organic or pastured meat & poultry; the extra expense is offset by health benefits. ("Pay your farmer or pay your doctor".) Include plenty of healthy fats (fats from organic protein, plus butter, lard, olive oil and coconut oil). Fat fuels your body and keeps you satisfied. Avoid sugar and sugar substitutes; choose stevia if you must have a sweetener.

    Finally, weight fluctuations are normal, and daily changes can be insignificant. Weigh yourself once a week, upon arising. Stay hydrated and physically active.

    If you tell us whether you are attempting to gain pounds or shed them, recommendations can be more specific.
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