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Thread: Correction: EPA-Radiation Rollback story

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    Default Correction: EPA-Radiation Rollback story

    October 3, 2018

    WASHINGTON (AP) ó In an early version of a story Oct. 2 about EPA regulation of radiation, The Associated Press reported erroneously in a headline that EPA says a little radiation may be good for you. As the story made clear, that assessment came from scientific outliers, including one quoted by EPA in a news release. The headline was changed in later versions of the story.
    A corrected version of the story is below:
    Experts say Trumpís EPA moving to loosen radiation limits
    Experts say Trumpís EPA is moving to loosen radiation limits

    Read the article here:

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    Default Re: Correction: EPA-Radiation Rollback story

    Well this is disconcerting. I was hospitalized two years ago for an excruciatingly painful intestinal obstruction. It took seven emergency admissions, four days each, to find the blockage which the docs knew was there, but which tests could not locate. In addition to various diagnostic tests, I had two CT scans and multiple x-rays every single time. On the 8th admission they finally located it, after which my rural hospital sent me to a city hospital for surgery.
    Now, I'm already a colon cancer survivor. I refuse to accept that I could experience a second episode. I probably get more radiation from eating tuna than from those x-rays, right? So although this information is good to know, I have better things to worry about!

    P.S. I'll bet there are some readers too young to remember shoe stores. Yes, there were once stores that sold only shoes... where you sat in a comfy chair while a salesman gave you personal attention, where you tried on shoe after shoe until you found just the perfect pair. And there was a special machine to check the fit. You stepped up, put your feet in the slot, peered down and saw your foot bones inside the shoe. For many of us, that was our first "exposure" to x-rays. Of course, back in the 1940s no one was aware of the cumulative damage from exposure to radiation. Those machines are just a memory today!
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