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Thread: Why Most Doctors Are Dead Wrong About Osteoporosis

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    Default Why Most Doctors Are Dead Wrong About Osteoporosis

    Sayer Ji, Founder
    June 29th 2017

    What if everything your doctor told you about osteoporosis and osteopenia was wrong?

    What if osteoporosis were not the primary cause of fractures in aging populations? What if both the definitions of osteoporosis and osteopenia used to justify pharmaceutical treatment were both misleading and age inappropriate?
    These are questions we explored in a previous exposť titled, "Osteoporosis Myth: The Dangers of High Bone Mineral Density," wherein we explored evidence showing the so-called "osteoporosis epidemic" is not an evidence-based concept but a manufactured one designed to serve the interests of a growing industrial medical/pharmaceutical complex.

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    Default Re: Why Most Doctors Are Dead Wrong About Osteoporosis

    I've read this before, with mixed feelings, as I have severe osteoporosis, but have never fallen. Even so, my hip suddenly fractured last year, out of the blue, for no apparent reason. I have always been active up until now, and I suspect the osteoporosis was caused by smoking in the past. I have resisted pressure from doctors to take the recommended drugs.

    A few months ago I tripped over a low step and went sprawling, but luckily, no damage done. So it's hard for me to accept everything in this article.

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    Default Re: Why Most Doctors Are Dead Wrong About Osteoporosis

    Because bones are hard, we don't think of it as soft, living material. But, it is. As such, bone can be strengthened by "stretching." Something as simple as holding on to the back of a chair and raising your heels off the floor--toe raises, increases bone strength in your legs. And, placing both palms on a wall and lowering your body into the wall and then pushing your body away--wall pushups--will stretch your arm and back muscles, but will strengthen the bones in your shoulders and arms at the same time. General stretching improves balance and reduces the chance of falling.

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