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Thread: TEPCO Admits Treated Water Not Safe To Dump

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    Default TEPCO Admits Treated Water Not Safe To Dump

    Nancy Foust
    October 1, 2018

    The Associated Press reported from a TEPCO press conference held late last week that treated water TEPCO has been trying to dump in the Pacific ocean is not safe to dump.
    much of the radioactive water stored at the plant isn’t clean enough and needs further treatment if it is to be released into the ocean.”
    TEPCO and the Japanese government had been characterizing this water for years as only containing tritium. We have previously raised concerns about the limited and opaque reporting of the contamination in this water. Many reports claimed low or zero levels of certain isotopes while failing to report testing for a long list of other potential contaminants.
    TEPCO said Friday that studies found the water still contains other elements, including radioactive iodine, cesium and strontium. It said more than 80 percent of the 900,000 tons of water stored in large, densely packed tanks contains radioactivity exceeding limits for release into the environment.

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    Default Re: TEPCO Admits Treated Water Not Safe To Dump

    On a positive note--if there's anything positive about this disaster--the "world" is now involved in monitoring and helping to ameliorate this disaster. I read recent reports submitted by TEPCO to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to monitor, as well as non-governmental organizations, like Greenpeace International. When this disaster first ocurred in March 2011, many of the world organizations appeared to treat it like it was a "Japanese problem." Today, there seems to be some realization that it's going to take ALL of us to help solve this crisis, which some experts predict will take 4 to 6 decades to solve. Lastly, scientists at U.C. Berkley, California continue to constantly monitor the air and sea life in the Pacific.

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