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Thread: Antibiotics Raise Risk Of Heart Disease And Cancer

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    Default Antibiotics Raise Risk Of Heart Disease And Cancer

    Bryan Hubbard
    October 3 2018

    Although antibiotics can be life-saving drugs, they also raise the risk for a range of other serious chronic conditions, including heart disease and some cancers, new research has found.
    This is because antibiotics destroy the 'good' bacteria in the gut that protect against infections and inflammation, and inflammation is the key to many chronic diseases, from arthritis, heart problems and cancer.

    Although medicine accepts that over-use of antibiotics leads to resistance and 'super bugs', it can also be the gateway drug to most of the chronic diseases that afflict the West.

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    Default Re: Antibiotics Raise Risk Of Heart Disease And Cancer

    Makes absolute sense to me, since all health begins in the gut. Antibiotics kill off healthy bacteria as well as unhealthy bacteria. Long term use (2 months or longer) of antibiotics causes a major disruption in the balance of healthy vs. unhealthy bacteria, called "dysbiosis." Once dysbiosis occurs, increases in the number of yeasts, such as candida albicans, and bacteria, such as proteus, staphylococcus and clostridium dfficile (C. diff) take over and wreak havoc on the body for up to two (2) years. Given the connection between gut health and overall health, there is little doubt that antibiotic use of 2 months or longer can raise the risk of all kinds of ill health, not just heart disease and cancer. Here's the NIH study I reference for my comments above about dysbiosis:

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