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Thread: Immigrating To The U.S.? Get Ready For A New Gut Microbiome (And Maybe More Pounds)

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    Default Immigrating To The U.S.? Get Ready For A New Gut Microbiome (And Maybe More Pounds)

    Maanvi Singh
    November 1, 2018

    A new study of first- and second-generation Hmong and Karen immigrants finds their gut microbiomes changed soon after moving to the U.S.

    A lot changed for Minnesota-based chef Yia Vang's family when they fled persecution in Laos and, in 1988, resettled in the American Midwest. For one, "I think my parents realized they don't have to go out and kill one every time we want to eat chicken," Vang says. "So Tyson chicken tenders were always in the freezer."
    But it's not just the way they lived and ate that changed — the bacteria that lived alongside and inside them probably changed as well.

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    Default Re: Immigrating To The U.S.? Get Ready For A New Gut Microbiome (And Maybe More Pound

    Makes sense to me that gut microbes reflect one's geographical diet and environment. The U.S. "SAD" diet requires very different microbiome than a heavy plant-based diet of Asia.

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