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Thread: Dark Roast Coffee May Prevent Cognitive Decline

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    Default Dark Roast Coffee May Prevent Cognitive Decline

    Jordyn Cormier
    November 19 20

    We consumer over 500 billion cups of coffee worldwide each year—it’s one of the most popular rituals on the planet. But for those of you with a dark roast soul, there’s good news. Drinking dark roast coffee is really good for your brain.

    That’s right, recent research published in Frontiers in Neuroscience suggests that dark roast has tremendously powerful neuroprotective properties that help to fight off the cognitive decline that can accompany aging. The study, from Krembil Brain Institute, tested a gamut of potentially beneficial compounds within light roast, dark roast and decaf coffees.

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    Default Re: Dark Roast Coffee May Prevent Cognitive Decline

    Good to know my morning ritual of a cup of dark roasted coffee is helping my "noggin." But, the controversy surrounding the whole issue of coffee is most confusing. One day it's good for you, but the next day you read it should be avoided at all costs.

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    Default Re: Dark Roast Coffee May Prevent Cognitive Decline

    So true. No wonder the public is confused about nutrition!
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