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Thread: Zinc Deficiency Linked To Autism Epidemic

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    Default Zinc Deficiency Linked To Autism Epidemic

    Bryan Hubbard
    November 21st 2018

    Zinc deficiency could be one of the causes of the autism epidemic; if so, the mineral may play a key role in preventing and treating the condition, researchers are claiming.
    The mineral is essential for forming and developing synapses in the brain when the baby is in the womb, and so giving zinc supplements to the mother when she is pregnant could be one antidote to the epidemic, say researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

    Infants with autism could also take the supplements and this may possibly reverse the condition.

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    Default Re: Zinc Deficiency Linked To Autism Epidemic

    Very interesting! One major dietary source of zinc is seafood, especially oysters, shrimp, crab, & lobster. Pregnant & breastfeeding women should have at least 12 mg. of zinc per day. Six oysters contain over 30 mg. of zinc, almost 3 times the daily amount needed during pregnancy. Ironically, pregnant women have been all but frightened away from eating seafood for fear of mercury poisoning. The very food with the abundance of a mineral that could save a child from autism has been blacklisted. Meats, like lamb, beef & chicken, along with eggs contain some zinc, but nothing compared to seafood. Pumpkin seeds, and legumes contain some zinc, but they also contain phytate, which hinders the absorption of zinc and other minerals. Zinc is a miracle mineral.

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    Default Re: Zinc Deficiency Linked To Autism Epidemic

    A video I've been watching finds a very convincing correlation between A1 milk and autism, along with several autoimmune disorders. I'll post it soon just got back from Vegas.
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    Default Re: Zinc Deficiency Linked To Autism Epidemic

    very interesting, core mineral deficiency is a wide issue

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