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Thread: FDA Bans 7 Harmful Synthetic Flavorings

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    Default FDA Bans 7 Harmful Synthetic Flavorings

    Gina-Marie Cheeseman
    November 23 2018

    There is good news for consumers who care about what is in the food and beverages they eat. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is banning the use of seven synthetic flavor enhancers and flavoring substances.
    The FDA determined that the data in a petition submitted to the agency by a number of advocacy organizations, including the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Working Group, convincingly show that six of the synthetic substances (benzophenone, ethyl acrylate, eugenyl methyl ether/methyl eugenol, myrcene, pulegone, and pyridine) caused cancer in laboratory animals. The seventh synthetic substance (styrene) is being banned because it is not used any more by the food industry.

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    Default Re: FDA Bans 7 Harmful Synthetic Flavorings

    Nice to read good news. Posted to Facebook.
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