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Thread: Organophosphates Cause Learning Problems, Say Health Experts

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    Default Organophosphates Cause Learning Problems, Say Health Experts

    Bryan Hubbard
    November 23 2018

    Health experts are calling for the immediate ban of organophosphate insecticides because they are causing learning and attention problems in children.
    They say there is now 'sufficient evidence' that children exposed to the insecticides while in the womb can have lower IQs and experience learning difficulties when they reach school-age.

    Organophosphates were developed as nerve gases for military use, but are now used to control insects on farms, golf courses, open spaces and parks, and schools.

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    Default Re: Organophosphates Cause Learning Problems, Say Health Experts

    The organophosphate insecticides include malathion, parathion, diazinon, fenthion, dichlorvos, chlorpyrifos, ethion. Repeated attempts to ban chlorpyrifos (a common and deadly insecticide) in the U.S. recently have failed.
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