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Thread: This Loophole Allows Chemicals To Hide In Your Food

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    Default This Loophole Allows Chemicals To Hide In Your Food

    Michael Sikora
    Novemner 29 2018

    We often see “artificial” or “natural” flavors listed among the ingredients on foods we buy, but do consumers know what these terms mean? Action Alert!

    Recently, the FDA announced that a group of six artificial flavors would no longer be permitted to be used as food additives. They are: synthetically-derived benzophenone, ethyl acrylate, methyl eugenol, myrcene, pulegone, and pyridine. If you’ve never heard of these, you’re not alone. Most Americans are completely unaware of the additives put into their food because the food industry does not need to list the chemicals they use in the ingredients. Instead, the federal government allows these chemicals to be obscured by being listed as “artificial flavors” or “natural flavors.”

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    Default Re: This Loophole Allows Chemicals To Hide In Your Food

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    Default Re: This Loophole Allows Chemicals To Hide In Your Food

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