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Thread: Pregnant and Cannabis

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    I am 6 weeks pregnant and I can't avoid eating foods infused Cannabis. My OB also warned me about eating these foods. but based on what I Searched, the effect of cannabis in the user can depend upon the dose, the prior experience and/or personal expectations. the user can be high, very happy and relaxed. but it depends upon the user if he takes a higher dose. And cannabis can also give relief to some seizures in children with autism. I read an article about strains on and based on this, cannabis can relief seizures and there's no high effect on the children who take it. But how about me, what does the effect on my baby when I still eating these foods. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Dear Community, here is an example of a new member who didn't take the time to read the "Rules of the Road" at the top of the home page. She's about to have her membership terminated.
    1. Her post does not link to a published article.
    2. Her question belongs in the Q&A section.
    3. I would have moved it, except that sadly, she has spammed us. How? Click on the link she posts. Boom!

    I really hate to have to dust off that ban hammer, but when you ask for it, you get it good and hard. (I owe my upper body strength to those 50-lb. bags of livestock feed I carry every week). I'll leave this here for a bit so you all can see what spamming looks like. Then it's, say bye-bye to Moorie.
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