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Thread: It's that time of year... Here's what I want for Christmas

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    Default It's that time of year... Here's what I want for Christmas

    We have welcomed a flurry of new members to Hawkes' Health and December isn't even half over yet. (I see and approve them all; you only see the ones who choose to post). Newer folks may wonder why they see no advertising here. That was intentional. I chose not to accept ads because they are always distracting, often inaccurate, and attempt to separate you from your money. My intent was to create an informational space free of commercialism, one that is supported entirely by member contributions.
    In a few weeks, hosting fees and other expenses of doing business will come due. If you have found this site helpful, please consider a donation to assist in funding it. There are no other revenue streams! Click the yellow DONATE button at the top left of every page to contribute via Paypal, or contact me via Private Message to mail a check. Thank you all for your interest and support!
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    Default Re: It's that time of year... Here's what I want for Christmas

    Thanks for the reminder, Islander.

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