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Thread: 7 Health conditions That Affect Women More Than Men

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    Default 7 Health conditions That Affect Women More Than Men

    Bryan Syuki
    December 13 2018

    We are all aware of the obvious physiological differences between men and women. We also know of the gender-specific diseases, such as ovarian cancer, which only affects women and prostate cancer, which only affects men.
    However, most people donít realize that the risk and severity of symptoms of diseases that affect both genders vary between men and women. Below are common health conditions that affect women more than men.

    1. Migraines

    Did you know that migraines are three times more common in women than in men and that women experience migraines differently than men?

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    Default Re: 7 Health conditions That Affect Women More Than Men

    Not the least surprising. It's well known that women shoulder far more responsibility than men, if I may make a sweeping generalizaton (feel free to contradict me). Faculty tended to sit together at the same table for lunch every noon at the college cafeteria. We were roughly equal numbers of men and women. One day the conversation turned to tasks that each gender undertook, and the women were clearly carrying the heavier burden. There was general agreement that women managed the money, paid the bills, did the majority of the housework and child care, made all appointments (school, work, medical, dental, social, and kids' play dates, etc.) and did most of the meal preparation. We're taking about professional women employed full-time.
    What did men do? IIRC, mostly the heavy lifting (literally), as well as maintenance and repair tasks, including mowing the lawn until one of the children was old enough to take over. Oh, and they took out the trash and shoveled snow.
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    Default Re: 7 Health conditions That Affect Women More Than Men

    @Islander: An estimated 100 men die every year from shoveling snow, and hundreds more are admitted to the hospital for chest pains after shoveling snow. It's demanding, back-breaking work!! And, it is impossible to know just how many men have pulled leg and arm muscles taking out that heavy trash. Go easy on us. We don't do much, but what we do, is dangerous to well being. Lol.

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