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Thread: WHO Using Bad Science To Inflate Measles Death Rate

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    Default WHO Using Bad Science To Inflate Measles Death Rate

    Bryan Hubbard
    December 13 2018

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is inflating the numbers of measles deaths around the world to encourage a greater take-up of the MMR vaccine. There's a built-in bias that cites measles as the cause of infant deaths when the real cause hasn't been established—and it claims the death rate for measles in South-East Asia is greater than the total number of recorded cases.
    The WHO claims that 110,000 children around the world died from measles in 2017—but the total could be wildly inflated, says medical researcher Peter Johnson.

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    Default Re: WHO Using Bad Science To Inflate Measles Death Rate

    This sounds completely plausible. The CDC estimates adult flu deaths and includes pneumonia deaths, as well as deaths of people if they had the flu within two weeks prior to demise, to inflate their numbers. This is posted on their own website.

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    Default Re: WHO Using Bad Science To Inflate Measles Death Rate

    Yes, bmc, I've seen both published numbers: the ones in the tens of thousands for supposed flu deaths in a given year, and the numbers (usually in the low hundreds) of actual flu dearths uncomplicated by pneumonia, asthma or other respiratory conditions. They're there on the CDC site but it takes some searching to find them. We've posted them here (probably in the Vaccine forum, haven't time to search right now).
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    Default Re: WHO Using Bad Science To Inflate Measles Death Rate

    The 110,000 measles deaths worldwide is very likely inflated. Depending on which study you choose to believe, the MMR vaccine may be associated with the increase in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A new Johns Hopkins study shows that 1 in 38 boys identifies with ASD. The study shows that boys are four (4) times more likely to have ASD than girls. Other studies show that little boys of color under 3 yrs. of age are even more likely to identify on the autistic spectrum. Is a parent better off taking a chance that their child will die from a case of the measles or developing autism? The data provides a crystal clear answer.

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