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Thread: Electronic Band-Aid Is The Next Big Thing In Biomedical Engineering

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    Default Electronic Band-Aid Is The Next Big Thing In Biomedical Engineering

    John Vauden
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    posted 12/20/2018

    These small but efficient nanowires are covered with elastic polymer thatís laid out really thin. This property of the tech is what makes people call it an electronic bandage. A collaborative effort of scientists and researchers all over the US made the development of this bandage possible.
    Chi Hwan Lee, assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, assessed the technology could adhere to human skin and at the same time create a biofeedback like electrophysiological signals. He also added that the nanomaterials they used for this pseudo-skin technology is of high quality, furthering its mechanical capabilities.

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    Default Re: Electronic Band-Aid Is The Next Big Thing In Biomedical Engineering

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