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Thread: On Christmas Eve

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    Tonight I'm thinking of everyone struggling with grief, especially at this time of year. Some thoughts as we enter the holiday season:
    It's important to remember that not e
    veryone is looking forward to Christmas. Some are not surrounded by large wonderful families. Some of us have problems during the holidays and are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not with us. For many it is their first Christmas without a particular loved one and many others lost loved ones at Christmas. Many people have no one to spend these times with and are besieged by loneliness. We all need caring, loving thoughts right now.
    To all of you who observe the holidays at year's end Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever it might be please be comforted by the knowledge that we, all of us, are passing through the darkest time of the year. Everyone has their own hill to climb. Be at peace, practice kindness, give all the love you can. The light will come back. The light always returns.

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    Well said!! The holidays can be stressful for a lot of people for the various reasons you enumerated. Personally, I can always find peace in remembering to be grateful for the loved ones I no longer have around me. I'm grateful for the memories and the good times I once had, instead of focusing on what I no longer have.

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    And remember that even something as simple as a phone call to a friend or loved one in that sort of situation can mean a world of difference.

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