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Thread: Vitamin D Deficiency? Then Take This Vital Nutrient As Well

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    Default Vitamin D Deficiency? Then Take This Vital Nutrient As Well

    Bryan Hubbard
    January 3 2019

    Magnesium and vitamin D go together like bread and butter. We're probably deficient in both, but it's magnesium that plays the key role in regulating levels of the 'sunshine vitamin', researchers have discovered.
    Although people often supplement with vitamin D, they don't realise that magnesium is just as important. It optimises levels in those who are deficient and lowers it in the very few of us who have high levels, say researchers from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

    Vitamin D is vital for our wellbeing, yet several studies have recently suggested it raises the risk of colorectal cancer. Looking at the evidence again, the Vanderbilt researchers say the real problem is that the people studied were low in magnesium, and vitamin D is dangerous only when it's not regulated.

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    Default Re: Vitamin D Deficiency? Then Take This Vital Nutrient As Well

    Good information, but an article mentioning co-factors for vitamin D ought to include vitamin K, essential when you are supplementing... and it should be consumed with a meal or at least with some fat, since it's fat-soluble itself.
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