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Thread: Top Scientist Ousted From Organization For Blowing Whistle

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    Default Top Scientist Ousted From Organization For Blowing Whistle

    Sayer Ji, Founder
    Mon, Jan 7, 2018

    Dear Reader,

    Peter C. Gøtzsche, is the co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration -- an organization I have referenced in the past for providing high-quality and (relatively) industry free information on medical interventions, including the shocking lack of evidence supporting flu vaccination. He has also been outspoken about the corrupting influence of the pharmaceutical industry in medicine and science, famously calling out Big Pharma as "organized crime."
    Ever since the Gates Foundation "donated" 1.15 million to the foundation, the foundation's avowedly industry-free position has been compromised, illustrated recently with their pro-HPV vaccine review...

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    Default Re: Top Scientist Ousted From Organization For Blowing Whistle

    This story deeply saddens me, as one more step that encroaches on independent scientific truth in the face of increasing corporate dominance of the national conversation on health.
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