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Thread: It's The End Of The Gene As We Know It

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    Default It's The End Of The Gene As We Know It

    Ken Richardson
    January 3 2019

    We’ve all seen the stark headlines: “Being Rich and Successful Is in Your DNA” (Guardian, July 12); “A New Genetic Test Could Help Determine Children’s Success” (Newsweek, July 10); “Our Fortunetelling Genes” make us (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 16); and so on. The problem is, many of these headlines are not discussing real genes at all, but a crude statistical model of them, involving dozens of unlikely assumptions. Now, slowly but surely, that whole conceptual model of the gene is being challenged.
    We have reached peak gene, and passed it.

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    Default Re: It's The End Of The Gene As We Know It

    The discoveries of Watson and Crick hadn't even entered textbooks when I was in high school, so everything I know about genetics has been self-taught, and a lot of it may well have been misinformation. In fact, this article upended some perceived truths (e.g., that there is a direct correlation between the complexity of living things and the number of genes they have). The fact that "Genes now utilized in the development of our arms and legs, first appeared in organisms that have neither," and that "Genes used in fruit flies for gonad development are now used in the development of human brains" should send a loud and clear alarm to those working in the field of DNA manipulation there is no such thing as a single gene that causes a hereditary disease. Interfering in the composition of the germ line is asking for major trouble on a grand scale.
    An afterthought: when a seed germinates, the leaves know to grow up and the root to grow down. In the same way, when a fertilized egg begins to divide, stem cells self-organize into the organs they will eventually become. Both of these processes mystify and amaze me. How do they know?
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