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Thread: FDAs routine food inspections halted amid government shutdown

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    Default FDAs routine food inspections halted amid government shutdown


    WITH hundreds of food inspectors furloughed in the ongoing government shutdown, the Food and Drug Administration has
    suspended all routine inspections of domestic food processing facilities. Thats according to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who revealed the news in an interview with the Washington Post published Wednesday. Gottlieb said that the agency, which oversees about 80 percent of the food supply, is continuing to surveil foreign manufacturers and imported food, as well as any domestic producers involved in a current recall or outbreak.
    But the agency is skipping the 160-or-so routine food inspections it usually performs each week. In those evaluations, FDA inspectors assess manufacturing practices at food-processing facilities, as well as check for unsanitary conditions, such as infestations, and contamination issues.

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    Default Re: FDAs routine food inspections halted amid government shutdown

    I question what effect this action will have. As it stands, only about 1-3% of imported food items is inspected. As for domestic markets, from what I gather reading the news, most contamination is first discovered when someone sickens from E. coli in meat or Salmonella in sprouts etc. I'll happily change my attitude when someone points out to me a situation the FDA has uncovered before it reaches the public.
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    Default Re: FDAs routine food inspections halted amid government shutdown

    Good point, Islander.

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