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Thread: Expelled Researcher Sets Up 'New Cochrane'

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    Default Expelled Researcher Sets Up 'New Cochrane'

    Bryan Hubbard
    January 17 2019

    Once the hallmark of independent medical research, the Cochrane Collaboration has accepted a grant of over £1m from the Bill Gates Foundation and summarily dismissed its most outspoken researcher, Peter C Gotzsche

    Now Gotzsche is setting up a Cochrane alternative, the Institute for Scientific Freedom, and is looking for crowd-funding to get it going.
    Gotzsche, a co-founder of Cochrane, has over the years criticised mammogram screening, the lack of good evidence for the flu vaccine, and the dangers of the HPV vaccine.

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    Default Re: Expelled Researcher Sets Up 'New Cochrane'

    Anyone can look up Peter C. Gøtzsche's bona fides on Wikipedia. Here is his defense:

    It's a shame to see the original collaboration descend into privatization and capitalism. I stand behind Gøtzsche100% and hope he finds the funding to begin anew.
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