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Thread: Low Cal Industry Lobby Finds Sweeteners Safe For Gut Microbiome

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    Default Low Cal Industry Lobby Finds Sweeteners Safe For Gut Microbiome

    ANH International
    January 24 2019

    Can we trust the findings of industry-funded studies that fly in the face of independent science?

    There was a time when most scientific studies were objective, hypothesis-led and conducted by independent, bias-free academic institutions. But university funding cuts have flung open the doors to industry/corporate funding, which in turn has created a level of profit-seeking bias that brings the results of so much research into question.
    Such is the nature of the latest review on sweeteners (also referred to as non-nutritive sweeteners) to hit the pages of the prestigious journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology. The review's researchers who work for labs that routinely develop formulations for Big Food that include artificial/non-nutritive sweeteners, conclude that, “Current studies show no evidence of adverse effects of sweeteners on gut microbiota”. Really?

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