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Thread: New Super Vaccine Approved

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    Default New Super Vaccine Approved

    January 24 2019

    Here’s what you need to know about the new 6-in-1 jab that’s Pharma’s latest coup . Action Alert!

    Merck and Sanofi have teamed up to produce a 6-in-1 combo vaccine to market in the US. Despite the death of six infants in clinical trials and other evidence of dangerous side effects, the FDA has given the thumbs-up for this combo vaccine. This is another example of this agency prioritizing profitability over safety, and could lead to a further erosion of parental choice.

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    Default Re: New Super Vaccine Approved

    BTW, we looked at the risks of this bundled vaccine in the Vaccines forum.
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    Default Re: New Super Vaccine Approved

    Done! I added a comment in the Vaccine forum pointing out this is not a new vaccine. It's just new to the U.S. Sanofi first marketed this 6 in 1 vaccine in 2013 in the European Union and elsewhere. Although the FDA has approved it, there's still time before it's commercially available for someone to study the effects on children in Europe. But, chances are that won't happen.

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