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Thread: Does Aspartame Cause Cancer?

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    Default Does Aspartame Cause Cancer?

    Dr Michael Greger
    February 13 2019

    The approval of aspartame has a controversial history. The Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded that “there is a reasonable certainty that human consumption of aspartame: (1) …will not pose a risk of brain damage resulting in mental retardation, endocrine [hormonal] dysfunction, or both; and (2) will not cause brain tumors.” However, the FDA’s own Public Board of Inquiry withdrew their approval over cancer concerns.

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    Default Re: Does Aspartame Cause Cancer?

    I remember trusted friends back in the 70s who warned me that aspartame was toxic. In 1999 Russell Blaylock published his work, MSG and aspartame: the taste that kills, claiming that aspartame was a neurotoxin. 60 Minutes also did a highly criticized and inflammatory segment on the toxicity of aspartame. In other words, the truth has been known for a very long time.
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    Default Re: Does Aspartame Cause Cancer?

    Yes, Blaylock's work does go back to the 1970s. Just another person who was ahead of his time, in being disbelieved at a time when he later would be proven to be correct. As I recall, he did go into the chemical construction of the molecules of aspartame and monosodium glutamate, along with their similarity in their action in the brain. Much easier just to call him a quack than to try to understand the science behind his statements.

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