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Thread: Death Of A Whistleblower And Cochrane's Moral Collapse

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    Default Death Of A Whistleblower And Cochrane's Moral Collapse

    ANH International
    February 13 2019

    Does Prof Peter Gøtzsche’s new book suggest Cochrane has fully transitioned from respected independent scientific institution to becoming another Big Pharma mouthpiece?

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    Default Re: Death Of A Whistleblower And Cochrane's Moral Collapse

    The perversion of a long trusted resource is a calamity. The harm is irreparable.
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    Default Re: Death Of A Whistleblower And Cochrane's Moral Collapse

    As I noted in response to the HH piece on Cochrane in Sept. 2018, it's a hugely diverse organization with over 11,000 multi-discipline members. With the introduction of big money ($1.5 million Gates Foundation grant), rifts were bound to happen sooner or later. Too bad Prof Gøtzsche's could not have found a way to work within the organization to help preserve it. He was afterall one of the co-founders. Sometimes our own passion and zealousness get the best of us. I've experienced working in leadership of an organization where one or more of the leaders wreak havoc. It's not pretty.

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