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Thread: Type Two Diabetes Reversible

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    Default Type Two Diabetes Reversible

    Dr Mark Sircus
    February 15 2019

    Type 2 diabetes is curable if you ignore your doctor’s advice. Diabetes is not the hopeless disease that most doctors would have us believe it is though it is a long losing battle if you walk the trail western medicine wants you to travel.

    Like all the chronic diseases, the western medical establishment does not want you or your doctor to become conscious of the real causes of diabetes and it certainly does not want you to receive treatments that will prevent diabetes from destroying your life.

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    Default Re: Type Two Diabetes Reversible

    I call charlatan on Mark Sircus. I used to follow him, thinking maybe he was onto something, with his idyllic location and alternative approaches. The more I read, the more disenchanted I became. "Oriental" medicine? Who says "oriental" any more? He's a "boutique" practitioner who charges a king's ransom for his services. His alternatives were often hyperbolic or simply fantastic flights of imagination — like this one.

    I've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) for 12 years. Because I was determined to avoid medication, I researched other means of controlling my condition. Trust me when I say that there is no cure for T2DM. I've read them all: bariatric surgery, month-long juice fasts, going vegan and in Sircus's case, an overload of supplements. Diabetes is much like alcoholism: avoid the trigger and you will control the condition. In the case of T2DM, the triggers are starch and sugar; eliminate grains and sweeteners from your diet, and follow a moderately active lifestyle, and you will bring your A1c down into the low 5s. The medical community chooses to draw a line at 6.5 and likes to say that when your A1c is below that point, "Congratulations! You are no longer diabetic!"

    That was my experience. But I kept going, knowing that internal organ damage will continue right down to the 4.5 level. That's truly hard to achieve, but I have had mine down to 5.1 for years. I have a 6-month checkup next month; I'll soon know if I've maintained that level. As for Dr. Circus, he's certainly right about our exposure to toxicants, but I'll go out on a limb and say that the condition can only be reversed naturally with diet and lifestyle changes.
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    Default Re: Type Two Diabetes Reversible

    Congratulations, Islander, on your diligence and determination to consistently maintain your A1c at 5.1. You're proof that lifestyle & diet modifications will improve blood sugar level. No need for expensive, harmful medication. You're truly an inspiration to us all.

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