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Thread: Banned AGAIN!

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    Default Banned AGAIN!

    Just FTR, I've been banned from Mercola again. I don't look in daily because most of the topics have been covered before or simply don't apply to me, but once in a while I do participate and leave a comment.
    For any former fans who haven't been back recently, the site is now loaded with advertisements and dominated by one particular user who occupies at least 50% of the real estate on any given day. I don't understand why Mercola doesn't simply sell him the site and retire to the Florida beaches. The latest annoyance: yet another ad, this one inserted in the middle of the introductory material (the "story in brief," which has become exhaustive). I complained about that and BOOM, temporarily banned. I've lost count. Too many times to remember. If they had a badge for banning, mine would be the big sparkly one!
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    Default Re: Banned AGAIN!

    That's their loss!!!!

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    That's for sure, Mr. Wiz. Good one about the badge, Islander. It's been ages since I've been at I quit the newsletter, which I for a long time I got just to see if an article might be something I wanted to read. I suppose I might miss something important once in a while, but whadaya wanna bet we get the most important health news, plus lots of things that don't show up on Merc, right here on good ole homegrown HH?
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