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Thread: EPA Proposes Use Of 650.000 Pounds Of Antibiotics Per Year On Citrus Fields

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    Default EPA Proposes Use Of 650.000 Pounds Of Antibiotics Per Year On Citrus Fields

    Center For Biological diversity
    March 13 2019

    Advocates from public-health and environmental groups delivered more than 45,000 petition signatures to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Wednesday asking the agency to deny a proposal that would expand spraying antibiotics on citrus fields.
    If that proposal is approved, citrus growers could spray more than 650,000 pounds of the antibiotic streptomycin on citrus fields every year to treat the bacteria that causes citrus greening disease. Streptomycin belongs to a class of antibiotics considered critically important to human health by the World Health Organization. By contrast, people in America only use 14,000 pounds of that antibiotic class each year.

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    Default Re: EPA Proposes Use Of 650.000 Pounds Of Antibiotics Per Year On Citrus Fields

    Meaning no disrespect, but is this another instance of treating the symptom rather than going directly to the cause?
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